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Swimming pool rehabilitation and repair

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Swimming pool rehabilitation

Renewing old tile, a new reinforced sheet or repairing any element of our pool is key to keeping it in perfect condition.

We offer a professional technical service, advising you in each case, the best for your pool and your needs.

We repair and rehabilitate any type of pool, regardless of any problem it may have.


Saline chlorination

Salt chlorination is a system that allows us to automatically maintain chlorine levels. It consists of a system that dissolves salt in the water where it reaches the chlorinator, dispersing the resulting natural chlorine into the water in gaseous form. Being a closed system, the water treated in this way regularly maintains the chlorine systems, avoiding excessive use of chemical products intended for pool maintenance. This means that the resulting water is much less irritating to our skin and eyes, increasing the enjoyment and joy of bathing in our pool.

Water leaks

Water leaks are one of the problems that most affect the proper functioning of our pool. It is a delicate issue and to which we must pay great attention if we want to avoid greater evils, having to fill it more and more often, having a great impact on our pockets and thus turning our pool into an unaffordable expense for our economy.

The most important thing is a correct detection of where the problem is located, in order to solve it in the best possible way.

We take care of both detecting the leak and repairing it.

Pool maintenance

Swimming pools require, like everything in life, continuous care and maintenance that allows them to function correctly and prevents them from becoming more of a headache and excessive expense than an element of play and enjoyment for the whole family.

Correct maintenance is really important, and that is why the best way to do it is to have the help and advice of expert professionals in the sector, who will help us decide which are the best methods for the care and maintenance of our pool. domestic.

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Specialized in pool repairs

We are professionals in the repair and rehabilitation of swimming pools, offering specialized services such as the repair of purification equipment, repair of tile pools, repair of coatings, such as reinforced sheet or liner, repair of lighting, repair of water leaks and all anomalies that occur in our clients' pool.

We are specialists in the repair of swimming pools of all types, such as salt pools, although we can also carry out specialized maintenance tasks, as well as air conditioning, salt chlorination or carrying out a renovation or comprehensive rehabilitation of the pool.

Pool repair is a specialized job that we use to correct cracks, water leaks or even to change the coating. We achieve this, thanks to our professional team and the use of top quality materials. In this way, we improve the finishes and increase resistance, durability and even accessibility to the pool.

At Piscinas Salgado we are experts in pool repair and, thanks to this service, we extend the useful life of the pool, improving its safety and appearance. At Piscinas Salgado we can take care of everything from a small renovation to a comprehensive rehabilitation of the pool. Contact us and discover all the advantages of having a specialized pool repair adapted to your needs.


Customers happy with their pool repair

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Marc Cusco
Marc Cusco
Everything perfect, fast and efficient.
Patxús Casals C. Jovellanos
Patxús Casals C. Jovellanos
Molt professionals.Nosaltres have a molt petita pool and ens van fer a molt bonic design. Afterwards we are going to have a small problem and now they are going to solve it very well. Molt bon tracte. We recommend 100%=
josep ramon rodo morera
Josep Ramon Rodo Morera
Serietat and professionalitat
Xavi Gassó
Xavi Gasso
The service is impeccable, fast and whatever you need. Fully remanable.
Daniel Godet
Daniel Godet
It is a very professional and trustworthy company, I am very happy with the return.
Francesca Morte
Francesca Morte
Responsible, compliors in time and form. All products are offered and their characteristics are clearly explained to facilitate the selection without pressing. The operators work with neatness and discretion. 100% remanable. Ah! Qualitat/preu molt competitiu.
They are fast and professional. They explain everything very clearly to you. I will definitely call them again for future jobs.
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